Portfolio Planning

A truly personal touch when offering financial advice – find out more.

Pearson Investments exists to fulfill and exceed all of our clients’ financial aspirations and goals.

Our clients are the lifeblood of this company and their ambitions inspire us to maintain our status as a first-class brokerage business.

Every one of our clients receives our trademark personal touch being given nothing less than our total dedication to delivering the highest level of professional service with the upmost attention to every detail of financial growth objectives. Pearson Investments maintain this commitment throughout each client relationship where we endeavor to deliver precise and detailed financial planning advice whatever the needs and requirements of the client.

All aspects across our entire business platform of financial products and services are handled by some of the brightest and most experienced financial experts within the industry to ensure we provide nothing but the right advice to each client tailored for any goal or requirement.


The importance of our professionals cannot be understated in being central to our established and continued success in financial planning and wealth building.

Each individual of Pearson Investments believes in giving nothing but impartial, unbiased financial advice based on thorough analysis and research using proven financial methodologies and tools.

Behind Pearson Investments

Pearson Investments formed in 1978 as a small investment consultancy for private investors. Since that early beginning the company has seen tremendous growth and success to become a leading private equity and venture capital specialist today.

Over the years we have honed and refined our analysis and research methods so that we always have excellent experience, knowledge and understanding of the financial markets and how best to utilize these necessary skills to the benefit of all our clients.

Achievements of the advice given to our clientele base can be illustrated through diverse and fruitful client portfolios where we attribute our success to the passionate and persistent hard work of finding the right investments at the right time by understanding fully the economics of any opportunity.

“This is how we ensure the success of financial growth for all our clients.”

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