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What it takes to make a company during fund raising and growth stages.

Investing in Your Company

Pearson Investments enjoys the practice of partnering with and investing in companies offering innovative product solutions with the potential for global impact that possess the courage and strength to grow in competitive markets. Our access to an extensive global network of institutional investors and resources becomes available to those companies that meet these requirements to provide the best chance of next level growth.


When looking for suitable subjects, Pearson Investments favor companies whose management can show the same level of passion and dynamism for their industry that we have for ours because one of the keys to future success is having a management team that reflects these qualities so that we can work in synergy with the right expertise and experience to achieve the right objectives and outcomes.

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Your Executive Summary

If you have a business idea you would like to contact us with please submit your executive summary from which we can decide whether to contact you for a full and detailed business plan. The executive summary is critical for any potential investment and you should make the right impression to us in no more than 500 words using the following guide as an outline:

  • Hook – Get our attention by leading with a compelling first paragraph establishing a concise statement of the unique business idea or solution that you have. This hook must be specific, direct and to the point detailing the expertise or technology available.
  • Problem – Tell us clearing what it is that you are attempting to or have already solved providing details of the initial problem the solution is developed for.
  • Solution – Explain the solution technology and how it fits into current industries and markets detailing the inherent pros and cons.

Once your executive summary contains no broad statements and each sentence is tight and simple to understand please send to your relevant Pearson Investments office.

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