Raising Capital

Over the years Pearson Investments have found that the key to understanding raising capital primarily for early-stage opportunities is understanding the broader global economies and respective markets as a single change can have huge rippling consequences.

When we raise capital we use an approach of balanced analysis and research in combination with competent professional experience so that we can invest in the right company at the right economic time to add value to a company and its shareholders through rapid profitability. Our knowledge and track record of knowing when the right time to raise capital is gives us a second-to-none advantage over industry competition.

Our expertise in selecting partnering companies for investment opportunities has allowed us to partner with much larger venture capital companies because combined capital pools can add unmatched value to companies looking to get to the next stage using collective knowledge and understanding of industries and markets.

Because of this Pearson Investments are literally flooded with investment opportunities from early-stage companies looking to capitalize on the products and services we offer. Our boutique status means we only select a small number of these projects each year to ensure we are focused on only the best opportunities for all involved by examining each one through our meticulous due diligence process.

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Fund Placements

Time and again we have found that making or breaking a company is most critical during fund raising and growth stages. Pearson Investments also understands that the target company must be structured in a way to maximize success by having all the correct documentation in place and all employees at all levels on board with the direction the company is heading as fund placement can be an extremely complex process.

Our role during these stages is to ensure and verify all objectives for all parties are met and our professionals have the necessary experience to use the right tools and methods to do this no matter what the size of the investment may be. Thanks to our extensive network of partnerships and institutional relationships we have what it takes to make a company during fund raising and growth stages.

Corporate Due Diligence

Due diligence is important in any investment process and can vary tremendously in scope and details from one opportunity to the next.

Pearson Investments is privileged to have an experienced team able to scrutinize the minutiae of any company we look to invest in allowing us to make the right decision for future investments.

Due diligence must be methodical and thorough so that each decision made is appropriate and relevant to the target company. We will look at past and current performance as well as future projections and viability to implement the right level of investment with our due diligence process normally lasting between 3-8 weeks dependent on the company and respected markets. Here at Pearson Investments no decision is made without the completion of due diligence.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Pearson Investments understand that some companies grow best though mergers with or acquisitions of competing companies and we have plenty of experience in various forms of these strategic investment methods. Sometimes mergers and acquisitions are an easier way to gain access to research, technologies, operations, distribution channels or other assets to aid growth and add value so we have a highly distinguished team of lawyers that over the last 38 years have overseen some very large mergers and acquisitions.

Having such an accomplished team is essential for resolving potential pitfalls and unforeseen circumstances. Pearson Investments has represented both institutional corporations and privately held companies of varying size in successful mergers and acquisitions.

Below is a summary list of the services we offer:

  • Solicit and negotiate on behalf of companies.
  • Provide escrow services.
  • Provide proxy service.
  • Provide completion of paperwork and policy documentation.
  • Access to our legal team and financial experts.
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