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What it takes to make a company during fund raising and growth stages.

A Personal Touch

Here at Pearson Investments we are often complimented on the quality of service we give to clients over competing brokerage firms and we strongly believe in a truly personal touch when offering financial advice by closely monitoring every facet of our portfolios and every detail of opportunities that arise maintaining direct contact through every stage.

Portfolio growth for our clients often outperforms that of larger and major international companies; one reason being that each one of our clients is assigned their own account manager whose job it is to assess client aims and requirements and from this offer the most suitable advice always with the intention of exceeding expectations.

We are proud that clients of Pearson Investments will only ever get the very best of professional advice in each of our teams’ respected fields of expertise and we will only ever hire those aspiring professionals that possess the same dedication, drive and passion that we have here to push us further towards being a world-beating company.

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Experienced Management Team

All of our successful teams have the necessary strong leadership to make the correct decisions at the correct time so that every area of Pearson Investments is being steered in the right and same direction. We have the same duty of responsibility and care in looking after client portfolios and our management is extremely serious in ensuring the protection of client wealth.

Every individual of management here at Pearson Investments is regularly assessed to ensure that good performance and growth is consistent while having individual management abilities improved with each assessment.

whyus_02We expect and receive the highest standards of practice from our management team only appointing the experienced in conjunction with the ambitious and driven in order to maintain our talent pool and continue passing knowledge from one business generation to the next.

Our management and company training programs have in place rigorous and strict business practice guidelines so that employees of Pearson Investments are nurtured so that their personal and technical skills are developed in the best possible way. Quite simply put we believe that to become the best you must be educated and trained by the best.

Company Leadership

The excellent leadership mentality we have here is the backbone of Pearson Investments where we  strongly believe having the best talent employed in the company breeds the best leadership where we cultivate a culture of natural competitiveness to create an environment of winners. Our professionals will not accept anything less than achieving their maximum potential for the benefit of all parties involved.

Boutique Company Benefits

Our status as a boutique wealth management company means that we must operate on the core basis of maintaining strong personal relationships with all our clients. Because of this business and operational status the referral and retention rate here at Pearson Investments is very high and in contrast to larger corporations our size and status enables us to be far more dynamic and innovative in proposing solutions and reacting to changes quicker.

Because of this we are at the front of the pack and can protect client assets quickly and with a minimum of risk by reacting to new trends or shifts, both upwards and downwards. The investment environment in recent years has become much more complex and volatile but thanks to our innovation and dynamic nature we have consistently performed well in both bear and bull markets in part thanks to the technology utilized by Pearson Investments.

We use some of the best trading technology solutions available along with our in-house developed trading algorithm software that is currently licensed to much of the brokerage competition throughout the world.

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